Now deputy Manager of Dodge Radio ; the childhood days of recording my favourite tracks on a Kenwood stereo from radio using 60 minute tapes seems a distant memory. How far I have come… in this computerised age where my music relies on the reliability of a 2TB external hard drive.

With a self-taught interest in technology I fast became interested in the power of media. Most of my time would be spent listening to radio, whether local or national, I couldn’t get enough. As many teenagers did, I soon became hooked by the main stream music of the naughty’s and grew a liking for top 40 , pop and dance music. However, I still remain loyal to my roots, and love country, rock and roll, 50’s and 60’s music having grew up around this from my parents playing this day in day out. I believe there’s a lot to be learnt from older music, rather than the main stream music of today.

In my shows variety is key! In the Mid Week Mix for example we revisit your roots and play 50’s, 60’s, rock and role and country music. If this wasn’t enough, we completely change tempo in Acoustic Cuts and play any acoustic covers, stripped back versions and live acoustic sessions. Think this sounds good? Visit the Dodge Radio schedule page to check out my show times.

Lastly, if your intrigued and want to know more, come and