Howdy there, it’s been too long!

Howdy there… it’s been a while. Firstly we would like to wish all the best for 2018 to all our listeners from all members of staff and our management team. So you may be thinking why a new blog post, why now? Well… we figured you would like to know about the latest and greatest changes that have been occurring at the station.


New DJ’s


We would like to formally invite shay and bell to our ever expanding DJ team who recently joined in December and January respectively. You can catch Shay with her variety box where bell hosts a Disney musical show. Full timings can be viewed on our schedule over at:


The Country Café


Unfortunately with the departure of Brian Ford came the inopportune ending of Dodge Country our sister station and the intermittent ending of country music across the dodge radio network. However, with a new year arrives a new prospect to carry the country café exclusive to Dodge Radio. Management have decided to offer this show with various DJ’s at its usual time of 14:00 until 15:00 UK that’s 09:00 AM until 10:00 AM US eastern. What’s more we are providing listeners with the chance to hear the reply of the five back-to-back shows from the following week every Saturdays. Full timings can be seen on our schedule page:


Thank you for reading, and fingers crossed we will be back soon with another astute update.

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