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Welcome to the archives page. Here you will find archives of all our live shows! Please select the DJ you would like to listen to and then browse through the individual shows below!

All the shows presented by paul

  1. Reggae&DanceHall show monday 2nd september 2013.mp3
  2. 50 Cent Hip-hop TakeOver 22-06-2016.mp3
  3. Love TakeOver february 14th 2015.mp3
  4. A Tribe Called Quest Hip-hop TakeOver 01-06-2016.mp3
  5. Reggae&DanceHall show tuesday 26th august 2014.mp3
  6. Christmas Wu-Tang Clan Hip-hop TakeOver.mp3
  7. Reggae&Dancehall show 7th october 2013.mp3
  8. DBlock Hip-hop TakeOver 29-06-2016.mp3
  9. hip hop takeover 24th june 2014.mp3
  10. DMX Hip-hop TakeOver 16-03-2016.mp3
  11. Nas Hip-hop TakeOver show 01 april 2014.mp3
  12. Dilated Peoples Hip-hop TakeOver 23-03-2016.mp3
  13. hip hop takeover tuesday 08 july 2014.mp3
  14. DodgeRadio Sport show 20-08-2016.mp3
  15. hiphop takeover 17th june 2014.mp3
  16. DodgeRadio sport show 27-08-2016.mp3
  17. sports show 31 august 2013.mp3
  18. Hip-Hop TakeOver 16 june 2013.mp3
  19. Reggae&Dancehall show monday 28th october 2013.mp3
  20. Hip-Hop TakeOver 28th january 2015.mp3
  21. Reggae&Dancehall show monday 30th september 2013.mp3
  22. Hip-Hop TakeOver show tuesday 4th feb.mp3
  23. Sport show 17 august 2013.mp3
  24. Hip-Hop TakeOver tuesday 30 july 2013.mp3
  25. sports show saturday 14th june 2014.mp3
  26. Hip-Hop TakeOver, 30th july 2013.mp3
  27. Hip-hop TakeOver tuesday 03 december 2013.mp3
  28. Hip-Hop takeOver christmas special 25th December 2014.mp3
  29. Sport show saturday 28th september 2013.mp3
  30. Hip-Hop takeover 12th August 2014.mp3
  31. sports show saturday 19th july 2014.mp3
  32. Hip-Hop-TakeOver- 24th june 2014.mp3
  33. Hip-hop TakeOver show 4-29-14.mp3
  34. Hip-hop TakeOver 02-03-2016.mp3
  35. Hip-hop TakeOver 02-11-2016.mp3
  36. Hip-hop TakeOver 04 march 2015.mp3
  37. Hip-hop TakeOver 1st april 2015.mp3
  38. Hip-hop TakeOver 25-3-15.mp3
  39. Hip-hop TakeOver 6-5-15.mp3
  40. Sports show saturday 21st september 2013.mp3
  41. Hip-hop TakeOver show 1st october 2013.mp3
  42. Hip-hop TakeOver show 07-09-2016.mp3
  43. Sports show saturday 26th july 2014.mp3
  44. Hip-hop TakeOver show 13th august 2013.mp3
  45. Reggae&DanceHall show monday 02 september 2013.mp3
  46. Hip-hop TakeOver show tuesday 03 september 2013.mp3
  47. Reggae&DanceHall show monday 23rd september 2013.mp3
  48. Hip-hop TakeOver show tuesday 15th october 2013.mp3
  49. Reggae&DanceHall show monday 26th august 2013.mp3
  50. Hip-hop TakeOver show tuesday 23 july 2013.mp3
  51. Hip-hop TakeOver tuesday 1st september.mp3
  52. Hip-hop TakeOver show tuesday 24th september 2013.mp3
  53. Wrestling Hip-hop TakeOver 15-06-2016.mp3
  54. Hip-hop TakeOver show10th september 2013.mp3
  55. JamaiJamaica Reggae & DanceHall Show tuesday 6th august 2013.mp3
  56. Hip-hop TakeOver woo tang klan special 11th february 2015.mp3
  57. Wu-Tang Clan Hip-hop TakeOver 17 december 2013.mp3
  58. Hip-hop Takeover 18th february 2015.mp3